married people issues

I don't care how happily married you are. There are some married people issues that are simply inescapable. So much so that people have even taken to the internet to share these issues because misery loves company, qué no? Get ready to nod your head in agreement. 

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Toilet paper issues 1

Toilet paper issues

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Sure you'll take each other for better or worse, but don't mess with the toilet paper! 


Entertainment issues 2

Entertainment issues

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This is typical and hilarious, but to be fair she's probably tired from having to fix all of his toilet paper mistakes. Just sayin'! 


Recognition issues 3

Recognition issues

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Who doesn't want to be recognized for a job well done? 

Time issues 4

Time issues

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Can you blame a woman for expecting 10 minutes to only take 10 minutes? 


Psychological issues 5

Psychological issues

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It's important to note that it's not always the same person being logical. Yup, you both get to take turns being psycho. 


Control issues 6

Control issues

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The worst is when you stand up and you are sitting on the remote. 


Delivery issues 7

Delivery issues

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The interrogation that happens when a package arrives is intense. Sheesh! Can a person do some online shopping without getting the third degree? 

Communication issues 8

Communication issues

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Communication in a marriage isn't just about words, there is so much more to take into consideration. 


Annoyance issues 9

Annoyance issues

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It's incredible how annoying someone you love can be. 

Food issues 10

Food issues

Image via touchofnovember/Instgram

For reals though, why can't married couples crave the same foods at the same time?