lele ponsThey love making fun of themselves or of all those things that make us Latinos, including their parents, abuelos and friends. I'm talking about the top 10 Latinos on Vine, starting with Lele Pons, who had the honor of being photobombed by Michelle Obama at the White House. If you don't know them you should and here is why.

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Image via Lele Pons/Vine

Lele Pons 1

Lele Pons

Image via Lele Pons/Instagram

The Venezuelan born, Miami resident Lele Pons is the first Viner to accumulate one billion loops by September 2015, she had reached over 7 billion loops and has 10 million followers. In several of her Vines, she is seen hurting herself "accidentally" or falling into water. She was among the select group of Viners invited by Michelle Obama to the White House.


Lejuan James 2

Lejuan James

Image via Lejuan James/Instagram

Puerto Rican and Domincan Lejuan James has taken Vine and Instagram by storm with his very funny portrayals of Hispanic parents, and he nails it EVERY TIME!


David Lopez 3

David Lopez

Image via David López/Vine

With 6.1 million followers and more than 3 billion loops, David López is one of the golden boys of Vine, thanks to his character of Juan, who takes on Mexican stereotypes.

Rudy Mancuso 4

Rudy Mancuso

Image via YouTube

His portrayals of Spanish Batman and Spanish Superman have made people around the world laugh. Rudy Mancuso has 9.8 million followers and more than 3 billion loops.


Matthew Espinosa 5

This 18-year-old colombiano is successful across most social media platforms. On Vine he has more than 6 million followers and more than 1 billion loops.


Cameron Dallas 6

Cameron Dallas

Image via Cameron Dallas/Instagram

Half Mexican California native Cameron Dallas is the 7th most followed viner in the world. He also has acted and was Teen's Choice Favorite Viner at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards.


Jessi Smiles 7

Jessi Smiles

Image via Getty Images

Jessica Vásquez, aka Jessi Smiles, is a Cuban American girl from Miami who has made it big on social media. She is one of the top female Viners in the world, with more than 3 million followers.

Juanpa Zurita 8

Juanpa Zurita

Image via MTV

Juan Pablo Zurita is the Mexican galán of Vine and his numbers prove it. This teenager from Mexico City has 1.4 milion followers and his vines are mostly in Spanish.


Lauren Giraldo 9

Lauren Giraldo

Image via Getty Images

Florida teen sensation Lauren Giraldo became famous on Vine overnight and had to be home schooled and moved to L.A., all in around a year.

Mario Bautista 10

His Vines show the life of a teenager in México City.  Mario Bautista was the first Viner from Mexico to surpass 1 million followers.