nohemi gonzalezAt 23, Nohemí González was living beyond her wildest dreams. She was very far from the barbería where her mom spends her days cutting men's hair. Her design studies had taken her to Paris, where she was for a semester. Sadly, her amazing story was cut short by the terrorists that attacked France on November 15. Now her friends are asking for donations for her funeral. This is what we know about her and why we should help.

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Image via Niram Nasiri/Facebook

An inspiration 1

An inspiration

Image via Strate Ecole de Design/Facebook

Nohemí González was 23 years old. She was studying at the Strate Ecole of Design in Paris, one of the top 60 design schools in the world. She was specializing in industrial design.


She was raised by her mom and step dad 2

She was raised by her mom and step dad

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She grew up in a trailer, and her drive and desire to do better made her go to college and be one of the best in her class at Cal State Long Beach College.


She was an only child 3

She was an only child

Image via Beatriz González/Facebook

Nohemí and her mom Beatriz González were very close. She didn't have any siblings.

Big dreams 4

Big dreams

Image via Nohemí González/Facebook

"She was so happy every day because she loves to go to school, she loves school and she was hoping to have a different life – not only like most of our people, like go to work and come back every day," said her mom Beatriz to the media at her memorial. 


With her boyfriend 5

With her boyfriend

Image via Tim Mraz/Facebook

Her boyfriend, Tim Mraz, is also a designer. They had been together for more than three years.


A Latina princess 6

A Latina princess

Image via Ana María Henao/Facebook

Her friend, Ana María Henao, remembers how Nohemí would cook Mexican meals for her friends and braided her hair like a "Latina Princess".


A natural leader 7

A natural leader

Image via Niran Yasiri/Facebook

According to her friends and her teachers, Nohemí belief in herself, and it propelled her to be a leader and a mentor.

Just a Friday night meal 8

Just a Friday night meal

Image via Getty Images

Nohemí and some of her friends where eating at La Belle Equipe, a restaurant in Rue de Charonne in the 11th district of Paris. It was an average place known for being friendly to foreigners. They had just sat down, when the terrorists opened fire. According to reports, she died on her way to the hospital. 


If I have to describe myself 9

If I have to describe myself

Image vía Alicia Civita/Instagram

In her own words for a school asignment.

There is a chance to help 10

There is a chance to help

Image via GoFund

This has been organized by some friends. The family doesn't know when will her body be repatriated:

"Please help ease the burden of the funeral costs or help give Nohemi's family a helping start in doing something special in her name by contributing to this fund. We all feel completely helpless, as we cannot take away the pain that losing a child brings, but we can help with the financial burden and help her memory live on."