6 Adorable kids that can bust a move on the dance floor (VIDEOS)

Every time that I see a little kid dancing to salsa (or any other dance), I am instantly colored jealous. The newest video of this adorable little girl dancing to Colombian "el choque", a type of salsa, is the best thing on the internet in months. But she's not the only one! Check out these cute videos of kids that rule the dance floor.


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Look at how this little girl dances to salsa! Wow.

The original salsa kids, who show off their skills on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

This little girl as a mini Beyonce is the cutest thing, EVER.

An expert couple of kids doing an amazing bachata make us say WOW.

These little ones dancing to samba make us wish we had this much rhythm.

These little tykes sure know how to jive, don't they? This competition is fierce.

Image via CaliFlowLatino VEVO/YouTube