Donald Trump has one Latina supporter & we're not even sure she's real (VIDEO)

latinaDonald Trump hasn't given up on impressing Latino voters just yet. Despite making derogatory comments about Mexicans and publicly demeaning our favorite journalist Jorge Ramos, the GOP frontrunner managed to get one Latina's support. Was her support genuine or was this a pay off? One thing I know for sure is that her love for Trump won't be enough to garner the Latino vote. Here's why. 


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Her name is Myriam Witcher and she recently praised Trump in front of hundreds at a political rally in Las Vegas. This video you have to see with your own eyes:

As Latinos, we demand consistency and believe in first impressions. So far, Trump has failed miserably at making us feel like he's a reliable and positive presidential candidate. The latest Gallup poll survey shows that 51 percent of Latinos have an unfavorable view of the tycoon--with most of their Republican support being reserved for Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.

Witcher's reaction to Trump seems to be an over-dramatized scene from a telenovela. The Colombian woman is seen rushing on stage waving Trump's People magazine cover while he asks her if this was a set-up. She ignores him and says, "I'm Hispanic, and I vote for Mr. Trump. We vote for Mr. Trump."

The entire scene seems overdone and I honestly do suspect the whole thing was orchestrated. Who knows if she was offered a nice chunk of cash to become Trump's Latina puppet. But no matter how cynical I am about the presentation, the woman does have a right to her opinion. Maybe, just maybe, she is Trump's one Latina supporter. Regardless, it won't be enough to get the rest of us on board. 

Tweeting that he loves Latinos and Latinos love him just seems like a bad joke. Especially when a few months ago he referred to us as drug dealers and gangsters that didn't deserve to be in this country. For now, Witcher is all he has (if she's even for real) and I'm sure that's the way it's going to stay. 

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