fat joeThank you, Fat Joe! The Latino rapper posted the first public photo of his son, Joey, who has special needs, on Facebook this week. Then the most beautiful thing happened: thousands of his fans wrote back posting pictures the special needs people in their life. See the image here and learn about other Latino celebs who share similar joys and challenges.


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Image via The Terror Squad


Fat Joe 1

Fat Joe

Image via Fat Joe/Facebook

The Latino rapper surprised his fans with this photo and message this week: "I'm very private with my first born. Joey is special kid full of joy and Love. there's no way you could understand unless you have a family member who has challenges in life. He's my angel and the reason for all my blessings. I Love him to death."


Jaci Velásquez 2

Jaci Velásquez

Image via Jaci Velásquez/Instagram

The Christian contemporary singer's oldest son, Zealand, was diagnosed with autism in kindergarten.




Olga Tañón 3

Olga Tañón

Image via Olga Tañón/Instagram

Gabriella's story is a testament to what the love of a mother like Olga Tañón can do for a child with special needs. Although she was born with a rare blood disease and severe learning disabilities, the teenager functions in English and Spanish and has the voice of an angel.

Leticia Calderón 4

Leticia Calderón

Image via Agencia México

Luciano, Leticia Calderon's younger son, was born with Down Syndrome and is the apple of this telenovela super star's eye.



Sofia Lachapelle 5

Sofia Lachapelle

Image via Sofia Lachapelle/Instagram

After her two sons were diagnosed within the Autism spectrum, the Telemundo reporter got educated and created the organization, Un paso a la vez, to help other Latino parents in a similar situation.


Eduardo Santamarina y Mayrín Villanueva 6

Eduardo Santamarina y Mayrín Villanueva

Image via Mayrín Villanueva/Instagram

Julia Santamarina is a "happy child", said her famous dad and evil advertising executive in Antes muerta que Lichita. She was born with one leg two inches shorter than the other. Her life until she stops growing will include yearly surgeries to fix the difference.


Verónica Castro 7

Verónica Castro

Image via Agencia México

Cristian Castro, the famous singer and son of the Queen of Telenovelas, has revealed that he was diagnosed with autism as a child.

Guy Ecker 8

Guy Ecker

Image via Estela Sainz/Twitter

Sofía Ecker was diagnosed two years ago with a complicated digestive illness, after years of inexplicable symptoms.


Federica Quijano, singer of Kabah 9

Federica Quijano, singer of Kabah

Image via Federica Quijano/Instagram

The Mexican singer opened up during 2011 Teletón, when she explained that her adopted son Sebastián was diagnosed with autism.

Ivone Montero 10

Ivone Montero

Image via Ivonne Montero/Twitter

The star's daughter, Antonella, suffers from a congenital heart condition. The 2-year-old recently had open heart surgery and it took her weeks to leave the hospital.


Bertín Osborne and Fabiola Martínez 11

Bertín Osborne and Fabiola Martínez

Image via ¡Hola!

The eldest son of the Spanish crooner and the Venezuelan super model, was born on 2007 with a severe brain injury, due to an intrauterine infection during the pregnancy. The Fundación Bertín Osborne was created by the family to help kids in similar situations in Spain and Latin America.

Eva Longoria 12

Eva Longoria

Image via Eva Longoria/Instagram

We know Eva Longoria is the only non-parent of this bunch, but she's had to deal with the joys and challenges of having a person with special needs in her family: her sister. Liza Longoria was born with Down Syndrome and Eva has been her biggest supporter. Here they are at The White House welcoming Pope Francis in September 2015.