Chiquis Rivera reveals her greatest weakness & we can all relate (VIDEO)

chiquis riveraChiquis Rivera is realer than most celebs out there and he's more proof. The 30-year-old Latina star has been sharing her personal thoughts and priceless life lessons for her new weekly video franchise Wisdom Wednesdays. In her latest clip, Chiquis shared her greatest weakness and how she managed to overcome it. This is a personal struggle we can all relate to! I respect her for getting real about this. 


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Posted by Chiquis on Wednesday, August 19, 2015
In the video, which has already received almost 50,000 views, Chiquis gets right to a personal issue that she has a difficult time facing. "One of the things that has caused me a lot of trouble in my life and unnecessary problems is the word, 'worry,'" she explains. Chiquis continues to talk about how much time and energy we can waste on worrying about situations that are outside of our control. 
"Worrying doesn't solve the problem. It just makes the problem bigger in your mind," she says. Amen, sister! Her speech makes a lot of sense--especially for a worrywort like myself. The moment you let go and accept what is, is the moment you find peace and silence some of those worry bubbles floating over your head. 
Chiquis seems to be on such a positive track. She's taking the time to connect with fans in a meaningful way. "When I make these videos there are not only for you guys, but for myself. To remind myself about the things I want to work on," she said. Nope, she isn't perfect and that's exactly why we love her.

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