donald trumpDonald Trump has officially been fired and the news tastes like sweet victory. Perhaps the tycoon has finally learned the greatest life lesson of all--when to keep his mouth shut. His anti-immigration speech over a week ago sparked outrage after he called Mexicans "rapists" and continued a racist rant against Latinos. Today, NBC Universal confirmed that they're ending their partnership with Trump and will not be airing Miss USA or Miss Universe on their network. You have to read EVERYTHING the network said, plus check out other celebs who have spoken out against the racist magnate!


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NBC's official press release read, "Due to the recent derogatory statements by Donald Trump regarding immigrants, NBCUniversal is ending its business relationship with Mr. Trump." That also includes his long-standing show The Apprentice, which he will no longer participate in. This comes just days after Univision also announced they were ending their partnership with Trump.

Bravo! Trump must really be regretting all of the venomous words he spread. I doubt he will win the Republican presidential nomination after all of this. I really don't think this could have been possible without our collective voices airing out our disdain for Trump on social media and celebrities standing up against Trump's ignorant speech.

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