donald trumpJ Balvin is taking a stance! The Colombian artist has officially decided to quit his performance in the upcoming Miss USA pageant due to Donald Trump's controversial anti-immigration speech. The billionaire is part owner of the national organization, which means this is really kicking him where it hurts! Univision also announced that it was ending its partnership with the Miss Universe pageant, which is co-owned by Trump. This is huge coming from a network! 

J Balvin and Univision's decision is exactly what I was hoping more Latino celebrities and media brands would do--especially since Ximena Navarrete came to his defense and only a handful of Latino stars have stood up against Trump's ignorant speech. J Balvin may be starting an anti-Donald Trump movement and I'm all about it! Find out what Balvin had to say about Trump's racist speech and which other celebrities have stood up against the presidential candidate. 


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