donald trumpJ Balvin is taking a stance! The Colombian artist has officially decided to quit his performance in the upcoming Miss USA pageant due to Donald Trump's controversial anti-immigration speech. The billionaire is part owner of the national organization, which means this is really kicking him where it hurts! Univision also announced that it was ending its partnership with the Miss Universe pageant, which is co-owned by Trump. This is huge coming from a network! 

J Balvin and Univision's decision is exactly what I was hoping more Latino celebrities and media brands would do--especially since Ximena Navarrete came to his defense and only a handful of Latino stars have stood up against Trump's ignorant speech. J Balvin may be starting an anti-Donald Trump movement and I'm all about it! Find out what Balvin had to say about Trump's racist speech and which other celebrities have stood up against the presidential candidate. 

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J Balvin 1

J Balvin

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Balvin explained to Billboard that he couldn’t go through with the performance and have a clear conscience about it. Bravo! He explained, “Mexicans, they're known as hard workers. Here in the U.S., not everybody wants to do those kinds of jobs. I’ve lived. I know what it feels like and what they go through and how families suffer. A comment like that is powerful," he said.


Cristián de la Fuente 2

Cristián de la Fuente

Image via Cristián de la Fuente/Twitter

The Chilean actor also joined Balvin and turned down the opportunity to work as a host in the upcoming Miss USA competition. "As a Latino, I cannot work in an event associated with your name," he said in a video with Trump tagged on Twitter. Take that, Trump! 


Eugenio Derbez 3

Eugenio Derbez

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The Mexican comedian didn't see the humor in Trump's hate speech against Mexicans. In an interview for Fórmula, he said, "His comments are totally racist and I'm sure that the day Mexicans, or Latinos in general, leave the U.S. this country will stop. Latinos are the strongest moving force in the U.S." 

Lupita Jones 4

Lupita Jones

Image via Lupita Jones/Twitter

The legendary former Miss Universe isn't taking Trump's side just because she once held a crown. The Mexican beauty posted a lengthy tweet in Spanish, which in part read, "The root of Donald Trump's speech shows his enemy stance against Mexico." Well said! 


Fher Olvera 5

Fher Olvera

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The Mexican musician was one of the first celebrities to put his foot down and stand up against Trump. He said in an interview, "He said we were trash ... We feel pity for this incompetent man. I have never heard a speech as violent, or as filled with hatred--not since Hitler." 

Jorge Ramos 6

Jorge Ramos

Image via Jorge Ramos/Twitter

The Mexican journalist wrote a piece for Fusion calling Trump out on his controversial speech. In the article, Ramos writes, "Trump's characterization of undocumented immigrants is, of course, absurd. Not only do the facts, well, trump his assertions, but his prejudiced views demonstrate a deep ignorance about Mexican immigrants in the United States."


Rob Schneider 7

Rob Schneider

Image via Rob Schneider/Twitter

The comedian is married to Mexican producer Patricia Azarcoya Arce and made sure to stand up against Trump's ignorant rant. The proud dad has a good point there! His daughter isn't even 3 and knows more languages than Trump!

Alicia Machado 8

Alicia Machado

Image via Alicia Machado/Twitter

The Venezuelan former Miss Universe blasted Trump and even called him a "Nazi rat" in Spanish. She's not supporting him just because of her former Miss Universe crown like Navarrate! 


Cher 9


Image via Cher/Twitter

The pop singer couldn't stop herself from cursing in her well-deserved Twitter rant against Trump. His ego does need to be checked at the door!

Soledad O'Brien 10

Soledad O'Brien

Image via Soledad O'Brien/Twitter

The Latina journalist took a sarcastic approach to dealing with Trump's madness. She also wrote, "He's not a serious candidate and reporters should stop pretending he is."


Jacky Bracamontes 11

Jacky Bracamontes

Image via Jacky Bracamontes/Twitter

The Mexican star was in disbelief over Trump's nasty words. The pissed emojis are pretty fitting. 

Russell Simmons 12

Russell Simmons

Image via Russell Simmons/Twitter

Simmons believes Kim Kardashian would do a better job at running for president than Trump. No shade? Yeah right! 


Bette Midler 13

Bette Midler

Image via Bette Midler/Twitter

The Hollywood actress took a stab at Trump's two previous failed marriages. It seems like his third wife Melania would be the First Lady. Good one, Bette. 

Charlamagne Tha God 14

Charlamagne Tha God

Image via Charlamagne Tha God/Twitter

The radio host makes a good point about the reactions after Trump's speech. Does he even have a chance at garnering a single vote?