Mariah Carey starts dating profile + 5 consejos to move on after a split

mariah careyMariah Carey is moving on with her life, darling! Back in December, there were reports that poor Mimi was losing sleep over her separation from husband Nick Cannon, but those days are officially long gone. The 45-year-old singer recently started a dating profile on and she's making sure to stand out from the rest! Carey, who is under the profile name MC1toInfinity, used a sexy professionally shot photo as her profile image. Although the profile seems to have been created for a video, she should leave it! There's no reason why she or any other woman can't restart their lives after divorce! Here's how to do it Mimi style. 


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Don't be too picky when looking for new love: According to her profile Mariah is looking for a man between the ages of 20 to 120. What a gap, right? She doesn't even discriminate against viejitos! Her potential mate also has to live in the New York City area and be tall. That's not being too picky considering she is Mariah Carey! If Mimi can be flexible to find love than so can you. Narrow down your check list and be open-minded. 

Enjoy a couple of "splashes": Carey reportedly enjoys a nice glass of champagne here and there, which is a perfect way to unwind and reflect on what the future holds. Of course, over drinking will bring on sad and miserable thoughts so keep it to a minimum. 

Go on vacation with a bestie: Back in March, Mimi was spotted enjoying life post-divorce in St. Barts with one of her close friends Brett Ratner. Notice he's a guy friend! There's no better way to move on than by slipping on a sexy bikini and enjoying a platonic getaway with a guy friend your husband probably couldn't stand. What a burn! But you could just go on your own with with a female best friend. The time away will do wonders to help you heal!

Get that tight mini dress back on: All you have to do is browse Carey's Instagram and you'll see that her fashion taste has gotten way sexier after her split from Cannon. She has been rocking low-cut tight mini dresses and working it. What better way to celebrate your new-found singlehood than showing the world that you still got it! Work.

Refocus and improve your career: Carey is keeping herself busy by promoting her latest single "Infinity." She may not be able to control her love life, but she can definitely keep growing and expanding her career. Take this time to rework your resume and tap into your professional network. Seeing how awesome you're on paper will leave you feeling confident and ready to take on any professional or personal challenge. 

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