Sofia Vergara celebrated son Manolo's graduation with her first husband & new fiance

sofia vergara and joeSofia Vergara has a modern family of her own in real life. The Colombian star is engaged to one of the hottest men in Hollywood Joe Manganiello, but we all know he is not the only man in her life. The Modern Family star recently celebrated her son Manolo's graduation from Emerson College in Boston. While Manganiello was there to cheer on his future stepson, Vergara's ex-husband, Manolo's father, Joe Gonzalez, was also in attendance. The group snapped a beautiful family photo together and you have to see it! Do you notice the tension or awkwardness?


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Not at all! The beautiful twosome are actors so I'm sure they're great at hiding their true expressions. No matter how many years have passed, it must be weird to see your ex while standing next to your new husband-to-be. I give Vergara props for maintaining a friendship with Manolo's father over the years. She was only a teen when she got pregnant with him and I'm sure they were both too immature to handle a grown-up relationship. Despite all of that, they're still 100 percent there for their son--as they should be.

I have to say, it must be strange for Gonzalez to meet the new man in Vergara's life simply because he is so flawless! I mean, I can't help but stare at the both of them and compare. The Latina star definitely upgraded with her new man! On top of that, Sofia looks like she has aged way better than her ex. He's balding while Joe is rocking his full head of hair! It couldn't have been easy, but I hope Manolo appreciates the effort from both sides!

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