Newborn burned alive, somehow surviv​es & changes lives ​

fire pitLittle angels come in every shape, size and nationality. Baby Shirley was left for dead after her mother threw her into a fire pit. The woman walked away knowing that her newborn would never survive the flames ... but the miralce baby did. The miracle stunned the authorities of Swaziland, Africa who rescued the infant and placed the mother in jail. Even though the baby survived the attempted murder, her ordeal was far from over. She needed specialized surgery because she couldn't breathe and eat at the same time. Thanks to the love and compassion of an American couple and organization, baby Shirley is now loved.


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Raelenna and Jeremy Ferguson is a couple from Missouri and they love helping others. They work as missionaries in Africa and when they heard the news about baby Shirley they knew they wanted to help. The reasons why the mom tried to kill her infant are not clear, but according to the couple, severe poverty, HIV and mental illness could be some of the factors. When the baby was released from the hospital, she was sent to jail with her mother so she could care for her. The Fergusons weren't happy about that because she was the one that tried to kill her, but that's the law.

The couple faced the challenge of international adoption, which is not allowed in the country, but for some reason the authorities made an exception. I don't know if you are counting, but this is miracle number two. Because the baby needed life threatening surgery in order to breathe and eat by herself, the couple reached out to Global Medical Relief Fund, an organization capable of dealing with that type of emergency. As you can imagine, they get thousands of requests a day, but after one email the fund agreed to pay for the surgery in the United States. Miracle number three!

Within days, the Fergusons adopted baby Shirley, got her a visa and brought her to the U.S. Doctors from the Global Medical Relief Fund performed the life saving surgery and now baby Shirley lives happily with her parents and two older sisters in Missouri. Just like that miracle number four was granted. This story fills my heart with joy because this baby defied all her odds and survived. Miracles do exist!

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