WATCH: Father singing to his dying newborn will make you cry

Mommy, hug your child tonight and count your blessings. Chris Picco only had the chance to caress and love his newborn for a few days, but his love was so strong that he touched all of our hearts. After a C-section went terribly wrong, Ashely Picco died while giving birth to her premature baby Lennon. Shocked and devastated from the tragic loss of his wife, Chris believed in the power of music and The Beatles to heal his dying baby. Guitar in hand, Chris played Black Bird by Paul McCartney with his fragile son.


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My heart goes out for Chis. His life completely changed within minutes. He and his wife were happy expecting their first child and suddenly everything went wrong. Ashley never got the chance to hold her baby and Chris lost both of them in a matter of days. Their devastating story touched the heart of many people who generously donated money to a fund in Ashley's name.  Ashely Picco Memorial Fund surpassed the $50,000 goal they hoped for in just a few days. The family is using the money to pay for medical expenses.

Chris and Ashley always loved The Beatles and that's why they named their baby Lennon. The baby loved music and his father often sang tunes to him when he was in the womb. He couldn't wait to meet his precious baby and teach him how to play the guitar and sing. Chris uploaded the video of his serenade online and it went viral. It has been viewed more than two hundred thousand times and it's truly heartbreaking.

Yesterday Chris posted on his wife's memorial fund page that his beautiful baby died. Baby Lennon passed while he was sleeping in his dad's arms and he was wearing a shirt with guitar motifs that his wife had bought. This is so sad! Chris said that he enjoyed the few days he had with his baby and cherished every moment he spent changing and bathing him. Chris is beyond grateful for the amount of loved and support he received from strangers and to them he says thank you and All You Need is Love. Rest In Peace Ashley and baby Lennon.

Images via Ashley Picco Memorial Fund

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