Dad's amazing Iron Man suit for sick baby will make you cry​

newborn tagErik Hart has a beautiful baby boy named Collier who has been in the hospital ever since July. Collier was born premature and it's not clear when he will get to go home because aside from being born early he also has other medical issues. When Halloween started to get close, Erik Hart wanted to make sure to celebrate the occasion and asked the hospital staff if it would be okay to make a costume for Collier. He was given the go ahead and Hart who is a professional prop maker made an itty bitty Iron Man costume for his son. He posted a video of the whole thing online and I am sure that it will steal your heat just like it has stolen the hearts of so many others.


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The costume was made from a pattern that Hart found online and scaled down. The mask is foam and the whole look is completed with a red onesie and yellow fabric cuffs around Collier's wrists.

I am not kidding you that the video brought tears to my eyes. Seeing Collier in his mother's arms wearing the costume that his father lovingly created for him is both inspiring and touching. He only got to wear the costume that took his daddy about 4 hours to make for 1 minute. You might think, why bother? Hart says,

There are a lot of times when the baby is sedated, and you can't interact, so this is something we could actually do and say, 'We may not be normal right now but this is our new normal. Even though we're in the hospital, we're trying to do everything that a regular family would do and celebrate all the holidays.

Any parent reading this right now, knows ... that right there is LOVE. Plain and simple. Every single moment we have with our children is a blessing to be celebrated. Oh and if you are wondering why Iron Man, Hart says, "I came up with Iron Man because he's been hooked up to all those machines and wires, and that's similar to what Iron Man went through." Much love being sent to this family. I thank them for sharing.

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