A dead man will become a father someday soon

baby, clothes, cloudsThanks to the generosity of strangers the legacy of a young man will live on through his unborn child. When 25-year-old Cameron Robinett was riding his motorcycle looking for a house to move in with his fianceé Stephanie Lucas in California, he unexpectedly lost control and crashed. Cameron was pronounced dead hours after the accident and Stephanie knew she didn't have any time to lose. She started a petition online to raise funds to do a sperm extraction so she could have his child.


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Cameron and 22-year-old Stephanie wanted to be parents, but felt they needed a house first. Shocked and devastated about the tragic death of her love, Stephanie knew she couldn't lose Cameron and her future. She only had twenty-four hours to raise the $9000 the hospital requested to have the sperm extracted and safely stored. She opened a petition on GoFundMe and within few hours she collected $11,000. She was incredibly happy and grateful and couldn't believe strangers wanted to help her build her family.

Stories like this warm my heart. There are so many good, generous, kind people out there that are willing to come together and help others make their dreams come true. Just beautiful! Stephanie has the support of her mother and Cameron's mom and the three of them will raise the baby together. When Stephanie and her mother-in-law were sorting out Cameron's belongings, they found a 0-3 months shirt they had bought together for the future baby. So sad! That was the confirmation Stephanie needed to know she was doing the right thing.

The young widow doesn't know when she'll implant the sperm because she feels the wound is still open and raw. She wants to heal a little bit before she switches gears to motherhood. The good news is that she has up to a year to do the insemination and from then on her life will change forever. She'll see the face of her departed love whenever she holds her baby.

Image via Corbis, Stephanie Lucas/ GoFundMe

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