Couple loses close to 400 lb together before they get married

foot on scaleDo you get misty-eyed when watching each season of Extreme Weight Loss and The Biggest Loser? Are you touched by the drastic transformations achieved by the hard-working contestants? How they obtained a new lease on life after losing the weight that had so gravely threatened their health? Then prepare to reach for some tissue with which to dab those eyes! On Saturday, a couple in the Detroit area of Michigan exchanged vows after losing a collective 380 pounds following their respective bariatric surgeries. Crysta Danaher, 34, and Bill Anderson, 44, were married at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital, the facility in which they each had surgery--Anderson in May 2008 and Danaher in March 2009--and where they later met and ultimately fell in love. After his surgery, Banaher shed 200 pounds while his bride lost 180 pounds following her own procedure.


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The two met while attending a weight loss support group in the hospital's Multi Purpose Room A. The group's members spoke candidly about their struggles to lose weight and transform their eating habits and lifestyles, and the intimate nature of these conversations allowed Anderson and Danaher to create a lasting bond. They went on their first date on November 1st, 2011. Three years later to the day, they became husband and wife.

Both Anderson and Danaher believe that bariatric surgery, a procedure recommended for obese patients with a body mass index (BMI) of at least 40, gave them the fighting chance they needed to lose a significant amount of weight. Since the surgery reduced the size of their stomachs, both Anderson and Danaher must be vigilant about the foods they consume. This has prompted them to make healthier meal choices.

But the lovebirds say a huge part of their weight loss success stories has involved an unwaivering commitment to changing their lifestyles. In addition to their mindful eating habits, they exercise regularly--in fact, their November 1st nuptials were officiated by Mary Suiter, a yoga instructor who teaches both Anderson and Danaher.

Both Anderson and Danaher believe their surgeries set them on both the path to weight loss and the path to long-lasting love.

Though nearly a third of gastric bypass patients eventually regain some or all of the weight lost after surgery, it seems like Anderson and Danaher have not treated the procedure as a "magic solution" but, instead, have taken the steps to change their eating and exercise habits to ensure the pounds stay off. And they clearly bring out the best in each other!

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