Woman thankful to have her foot replaced backwards & you won't believe why

womans footWhen 22-year-old Jordon Moody was diagnosed with bone cancer for a second time, doctors revealed that they'd found tumors in her left thigh and that, as a result, an amputation of her left leg had to be performed. Moody, a native of Hull, East Yorkshire, was despondent. But, then, doctors suggested an unorthodox surgery that would allow her to be fitted for a prosthetic lower leg. The procedure entailed moving Moody's lower left limb upward and placing it where her thigh had been, so that her foot would occupy the space her knee once did. The oddest part: in order to mimic the natural movement of a knee, doctors rotated the limb 180 degrees, so that the heel of Moody's foot now faces forward and her toes point backwards. 


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The procedure was carried out by orthopedic oncology surgeon Lee Jeys at the Royal Orthopedic Hospital in Birginham in July. According to Jeys, rotating the leg 180 degrees creates the most natural angle for the foot to bend as a knee would, thereby facilitating a subsequent prosthetic lower leg fitting. Once fitted with a prosthetic lower limb, Moody will be able to walk without a wheelchair or any crutches. Had she refused to undergo the rotationplasty procedure, Moody would have lived her life with only one leg, her mobility greatly restricted.

Jordon Moody

Though the sight of her backward-facing foot in place of her knee was unsettling at first, Moody now knows it was the right decision to move forward with the rotationplasty since it will ultimately allow her to have a better quality of life down the line. 

It's heartbreaking to imagine a 22-year-old girl coping with such a serious disease or having to undego an amputation when she was just beginning to spread her wings and manifest her independence as a young woman. But Moody's strength, her will to survive, and her fighting spirit appear boundless. Most girls would be extremely self-conscious over the awkward-looking sight of a backward-facing foot in place of a knee, but Moody is simply thankful to be alive. And, now that some time has elapsed, she's grown accustomed to the sight of her backward-facing foot and is excited about the possibility of having a prosthetic lower leg in place before the holidays. Here's hoping her Christmas wish will come true!

Watch her video to be inspired!

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