Parents forgive their son's murderer, invite him to live in their home

handsTo forgive truly is divine and parents of a New Hampshire shooting victim, Donald St. Laurent, not only forgave the man that killed their son but they even volunteered to help him restart his life.

Christopher Bazar was granted parole for the accidental shooting of his best friend, Donald St. Laurent, after serving only three years in prison and that is mostly due to the fact that Donald St. Laurent's parents lobbied on his behalf. Not only did his victim's parents ask for leniency, they are also providing him with a job and a place to stay when he gets out of jail.


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The St. Laurents have always supported Bazar, asking for leniency at his original sentencing for manslaughter and asking for a reduced sentence at his parole hearing. Their compassion had a big effect on the parole board's decision.

Christopher Bazar and Donald St. Laurent were roommates and best friends when Bazar accidentally killed St. Laurent in December 2011. Bazar admits to having consumed a few beers and smoked some marijuana when the accident occurred.

Deborah St. Laurent even said, "He's my other son," she told the station. "My son loved him and I love my son more than life."

When the board agreed to let Bazar out of jail, St. Laurent's family members were there to hug him and share in the celebration. He should be released within a few weeks and will work for Donald St. Laurent's father's roofing company.

St. Laurent's dad said that he thinks that Bazar has done his time and believes that everyone deserves a second chance.

I think the St. Laurents are amazing. They have more forgiveness and love in their hearts than most people could be capable of. I don't think many of us could forgive the person who killed our child, accidentally or otherwise. The loss would just be too devastating to overcome, at least for me, I think it would be.

I understand wanting to forgive Bazar because he was close to their son and this probably made him feel like family to them. In some small way, being near Bazar probably makes the St. Laurents feel close to their son, Donald. Even if I could forgive him for accidentally killing my son, I'm not sure that I could invite him to live with me and give him a job. Seeing him would only serve as a reminder to me that he was here and my son was gone.

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