Baby born the size of a cell phone will make you believe in miracles

Adilynn Renee born the size of a cell phoneGet ready to cry your eyes out. Adilynn Renee was born in North Carolina weighing less than one pound, and four months premature. She was born so tiny, she was about the size of a cell phone. Her mother Chelsea Gregory says, "I never imagined her to be that small, it took me by surprise. It really scared me. I was like, 'How is she going to make it?'" Somehow this tiny little miracle baby has survived, but it hasn't been easy and she's still in a very delicate state. She's now about four months old and weighs 4 pounds. It really is a miracle that she has made it this far, but she's in trouble and her mother is asking for your help and when you find out what that help is you are going to burst into tears.


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This little angel has already had pneumonia twice and a blood infection. Chelsea Gregory says, "Its making her heart work extra hard, her heart is trying to give out on her so they are having to give her medicine for it. Tons of medicines."

So I'm watching the clip below of Chelsea Gregory talking about her baby girl, about how every little accomplishment is HUGE in this tiny baby's life, about how they need help. When I hear that she needs help, I'm thinking maybe she's going to say that they need donations to help pay for the medical bills, but that's not what she asks for at all. You know what she asks for from you, from me, from anyone that is willing? She asks for prayers. PRAYERS. That's it. She says "It means more than the world to us because right now we are in desperate need of prayers. Honestly, there's nothing more in this world that means more than just one person praying."

This brings me to tears and of course I can pray for this child, of course I will pray for this child. I may not be religious, but I believe in the power of positive energy and I will pray a mi manera for this baby, for this family.

Watch the clip of below and then please join me in sending some prayers this family's way. It's the very least that we can do.

Image via CapturingHopesPhotography/Facebook

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