Baby saves mother's life in the most unexpected way

baby feetIn typical stories, children are the ones who owe their parents their life, but in this one case, the tables have turned. Jenny Purvis of Savannah, Georgia calls her baby "Miracle Mae" after doctors made a startling discovery that ended up saving Purvis' life. Wait until you hear how this little baby, born prematurely via an emergency C-section helped bring to light a serious issue that could have worsened had doctors not reacted immediately.


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Purvis' due date was set for September, but when a checkup revealed that the 29-year-old had an elevated blood pressure, doctors diagnosed her with preeclampsia. The placenta was no longer receiving blood and so little Mary Ella "Mae" Purvis was delivered via C-section three months ahead of schedule. But there was little time for celebrating because in removing the baby from her womb, doctors discovered that the lumps they were monitoring and had written off as harmless cysts were much more serious. After they removed two tumors and parts of her ovaries, the diagnosis came in for ovarian cancer.

Purvis is on her path to recovery and thanks her little miracle baby for rushing out of her so doctors could discover her condition. It's scary to think what could have happened if those doctors continued to overlook those tumors. Purvis must be so grateful not only for this little baby that's entered her life, but for this chance to make sure she sees her grow up into a woman. Stories like this one touch my heart because as a cancer survivor myself, I can imagine the shock this mother felt upon learning what was really going on in her body. I imagine she started envisioning all the birthdays she might miss and the things she might not get to see her daughter accomplish. Thankfully she was able to receive treatment, including several rounds of chemotherapy and an upcoming hysterectomy, to make sure her chance of beating this are high. There are so many sad stories about lives lost to cancer that it's nice to hear about those who have been saved. This one is nothing short of a happy miracle.

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