Shocking video of woman writing with her hands & feet at the same time!

You got to see this to believe it! A Chinese woman named Chen Siyuan is able to write with her hands and feet at the same time. As if that doesn't sound like an impossible task, Chen also writes her own poetry in Chinese characters and the English alphabet. The ambidextrous 24-year-old from China's Hebei province has a very unique talent, but her thoughts on how she can make use of her skills are even more fascinating.  


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Holding a pen with your toes and actually writing a complete sentence just sounds like a laughable task, but Chen actually makes it look easy. She told NBC News:

I think I am born with this talent, I have to work hard to explore all of my talent and potential, make use of them and develop them to the fullest extent so that I may help people in their daily lives or in more meaningful things. Maybe it can bring new results in education and scientific research. I think this is very meaningful.

I admire that she isn't just doing this for camera attention. You can't help but laugh when you see her in action, but it is also pretty shocking and amazing. Especially since Chen can write Chinese in one hand, but English in the other foot. My brain hurts just thinking about it!

Chen adds, "When you write four different lines of poetry or four different things at the same time it takes a lot more energy from your mind than if you write only one poem at a time. So my mind feels a bit tired." Yes! Of course it does. I would want to pass out after writing a single word. 

This woman is a genius and her thoughts on expanding her natural talent are truly inspiring. Watch her in action and let us know what you think! 

Image via NBC News

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