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10 Latin American folktales that will scare your children straight!

Image via El Silbón/Twitter

El Silbón

According to the Venezuelan folklore, El Silbón was a spoiled young man who murdered his own father when he failed to successfully hunt a deer for him to eat. Rather than go out and get his own dang deer, El Silbón stabbed his father, using the old man's hunting knife, killing him. As his mother rushed to her husband’s aid, his abuelo took it upon himself to punish the murderous boy. He is said to have tied him to a post, where he whipped him, and poured scalding water and lemon juice onto his raw flesh. He then prepared to unleash a pack of dogs on the boy, but not before cursing him and giving him a sack of his father’s bones to carry with him for the rest of his time on earth. And so, the dogs were released and the boy ran, all the while whistling to the tune of “Do-Re-Mi…” It’s said that should you hear someone whistling from afar, it’s El Silbón, with Death at his side. Beware!