Latino couple married for 65 years die within minutes of each other​

Italvino and Diva PossaBrazilian couple Italvino and Diva Possa were married for 65 years. That in and of itself is impressive and a testament to their love and devotion for each other. But their love story goes on into the great beyond because of the way this lifelong couple died within 40 minutes of each other. I'm actually all choked up about it and if you are a human with a heart, I'm thinking you're going to get at least a lump in your throat when I tell you how these two passed into eternity together. Dang it, I'm crying!


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The couple met at a dance in 1948 and according to their grandson, Rafael Max, Italvino "always said that they had been married for a year longer, because he counted it from the day they met. He considered their marriage one eternal date." So sweet!

Italvino and Diva had a beautiful life and 10 children together. Last year Italvino was diagnosed with leukemia for which he was being treated and Diva started chemotherapy in April of this year for a tumor in her bladder.

In the last week Diva's condition started to worsen. She gave notice to her children and extended family to come and say their goodbyes at the hospital as she felt her time was near. Italvino was also at the hospital because his condition had deteriorated as well and the staff was kind enough to move him to an empty bed next to his wife so that they could hold hands. My heart!

So 89-year-old Italvino held 80-year-old Diva's hand and they supported each other. Italvino was the first to pass and Rafael says:

After he died my aunt whispered in my grandmother's ear that my grandfather had passed away in peace. At that moment she became more peaceful. It was as if he had opened the doors for her to go to, as if he was arranging for them both to be together forever.

OMG, that's unbelievably beautiful to me. That's love, pure and simple. There is no other explanation for it. That's how I want to die, holding the hand of the person I've loved for a lifetime.

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