scary ghost storiesListen, I'm one of those very sensible people who does not believe in ghosts at all. Nope, no way, no how. At least I'm sensible until it gets dark and then once it's dark, I might maybe believe in ghosts a whole lot until the sun comes up the next day. As skeptical as I am about ghosts stories I've come across some real hair-raisers here at MamásLatinas. So turn off the lights, come in close and gather round the glow of your device because I've got some terrifying tales to share with you

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Click through the gallery of ghostly happenings if you dare! Cue the wicked laugher ... BWAHahahahahaha ...

Image via Thinkstock

Ouija board possession! 1

Ouija board possession!

Image via jmawork/Flickr

I have never ever played with a Ouija board and I never will after seeing this footage of a Mexican girl possessed after playing with a Ouija board. ¡Qué miedo!


Haunted store 2

Haunted store

Image via ABC News

Oh boy, the thought of things being hurled about by ghosts makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. Wait until you see this video of a haunted store where a glass tray sitting on a tabletop seemingly picks itself up and throws itself on the ground. I could not work at that store, could you?


Decomposing body used to ward off ghosts 3

Decomposing body used to ward off ghosts

Image via Thinkstock

Esta gente kept a dead relative's body in their basement because they thought it would ward off ghosts. What?! Wait you guys, they kept the dead body for almost a year!!! Can you imagine the smell?

Soccer ghost 4

Soccer ghost

Image via Thinkstock

You have got to watch this video of a ghost running through a wall during a soccer game in Bolivia. When I first watched it, I really thought it was a flesh and blood man running and then all of a sudden he goes through a wall. Freaky!


Pushy ghost 5

Pushy ghost

Image via Thinkstock

DeAnna Simpson lives in a home with a ghost that has attacked not only her but her husband and even her cat. She invited a camera crew into her home and the ghostly happenings they captured on camera will freak you out.


Dead abuelo in photo 6

Dead abuelo in photo

Image via Thinkstock

Seriously, the last place I would expect a ghost to appear is in church. I don't know why, but you would thing churches would be exempt, no? Well, apparently that is not the case. Heather Sewell, was looking at pictures of her granddaughter's christening when she saw her husband Terry's image in the photo. Terry had committed suicide years before. Take a look at the picture, you can clearly see a ghost's face in it.


Sonogram ghost 7

Sonogram ghost

Image via Thinkstock

Phamela de Souza sees her dead mother-in-law's face in her ultrasound and you can too because there is a picture of it. Are you kidding me, no one wants their dead mother-in-law haunting their womb, that is too much! Wait until you see the picture, the ghost totally looks like the dead abuela. 

Creepy clown 8

Creepy clown

Image via The-Northampton-Clown/Facebook

The Northampton Clown isn't a ghost, he's just a creepy clown walking the streets of Northampton, England, which in a lot of ways makes him way scarier than a ghost. Check out how this creepy clown managed to evade the cops and even has a superhero on the lookout for him.


Boy guardian 9

Boy guardian

Image via Facebook

Nicolas McCabe was one of seven third graders that died in the wake of a tornado that decimated Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore, Oklahoma. Then on the 4th of July as his cousin Madison played with sparklers a picture was taken of her. Imagine everyone's surprise when Nicolas' image appeared in the photo sort of looking over and protecting his cousin.

Ghostly lover 10

Ghostly lover

Image via Natasha Blasick/Facebook

Most people are afraid of ghosts, but Natasha Blasick is not or at least she's not afraid of one particular ghost that made love to her. Oh yeah, she enjoyed the experience so much she wants the ghost to come back and her hubby is fine with it too. Listening to Blasick recount her intimate expierence with a ghost is beyond strange.