10 Mexican superstitions that I totally believe in & you should too

Mexican superstitionsLet's be clear here, I am not superstitious. Nope, not at all. I am actually a very rational person, but there are a few Mexican superstitions that I totally follow. It's not that I believe in them blindly, it's just that my Mexican mother told me about them so often that I don't see the point in taking any chances because my mami didn't raise no dummy!

I don't care whether you are Mexican or not, I really think you should take a gander at these superstitions because you don't want to be salada! No seriously, why would you take a chance. That's not being superstitious that's just being cautious. Better safe than sorry!


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1. If you drop a tortilla, you will be getting unexpected company. Except now it's totally expected every time you drop a tortilla. Ha!

2. If someone sweeps your feet and you are single, you will never get married.

3. If you put your purse on the floor, you are pretty much asking to be poor. Say goodbye to your money, honey.

4. If your palm itches, there is money headed your way, BUT if you scratch the itch the money will NOT get to you.

5. Never gift someone scissors or knives or you will sever ties with them.

6. Never cut a baby's nails before the one year mark or they will have bad eyesight.

7. If you sweep dirt out your front door, you are sweeping out good luck as well. Don't do it!

8. If your ears are buzzing or ringing, you better believe someone is talking about you. Chances are it's not good.

9.If you have a nightmare, tell someone about it that way it won't happen in real life. You really should do it, I would hate to see you attacked by zombies.

10. It is bad luck to pass a salt shaker from hand to hand. Instead place it on the table and let the other person grab it.

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