Woman battling breast cancer gives birth to miracle baby!

This is what miracle stories are made of. Adele Rivas was diagnosed with stage-two breast cancer when she was 34 years old. The news was especially heartbreaking for her since she and her husband Luis Rivas were trying to get pregnant. Several doctors had declared that she was infertile and had a very small chance of getting pregnant naturally. Luckily, they were wrong.


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During one of her doctor appointments, Rivas took a pregnancy test, but didn't get confirmation about whether it was positive. "I left that day not knowing if I was pregnant but knowing I had breast cancer," said Rivas to ABC News. Two days later Rivas found out she was pregnant. This must have been amazing and nerve wracking at the same time. She was blessed with carrying a life, but was also hanging on to her own.

Doctors were very careful about what kind of treatment to offer Rivas since they didn't want to put her at risk of losing her pregnancy. "I think of myself as a pretty tough person. If anyone told me that I was able to go through this, I would say they're nuts," Rivas said. She got a mastectomy during her first trimester and proceeded with chemotherapy in her second and third trimesters. She is more than just a tough person. This takes bravery, courage and grit to fight for your health and your unborn baby in this way.

Now Rivas is cancer-free and taking care of her 6-month-old healthy son Constantine. "I can't imagine not having him here. We don't know why our prayers were answered in such a strange way," she said. This woman was meant to be a mother. We wish this family all of the best and plenty of good health for years to come!

Image via ABC News

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