Our future generation is brighter and more driven than ever! Remember hearing the saying, "You can be anything you want to be" as a kid and being elated at the thought of so many possibilities? A new campaign called, "Because of them, we can" or "Por ellos, si podemos," is honoring Latino trailblazers and inspiring kids to embrace positive role models that could shape their futuro. The campaign's creator Eunique Jones Gibson highlights powerful Latinos like Sonia Sotomayor, Ellen Ochoa, Carlos Santana and Angel Ramos. These adorable children play their parts really well! 

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The fact is that the Hispanic community is in need of more positive messages like this one. According to the Pew Hispanic Research Center, nearly 89 percent of Latino young adults (ages 16 to 25) say that a college education is important for being successful in life, but only half of that percentage actually complete a two or four-year degree.

Mashable interviewed Gibson about what inspired him to launch this special campaign. He said:

Most of the time when I hear about Latinos on television or even online, they're negative stories...but very few about the positive impact and contributions that Latinos have had.

This is such an amazing way to challenge negative stereotypes and continue pushing our children towards a brighter future. Gibson adds, "As long as there are trailblazers past and present to highlight, stereotypes to refute and children to inspire, you can count on seeing these images."

¡Sí se puede! Hopefully this also inspires some amazing Halloween costumes! Check out additional campaign photos and visit porellossipodemos.com for more information. 

Image via YouTube

Soledad O'Brien 1

Soledad O'Brien

Image via Eunique Jones Gibson

This young Latina posed as the CNN news anchor and award-winning journalist. ¡Bravo! 


Carlos Santana 2

Carlos Santana

Image via Eunique Jones Gibson

This little boy was getting his roquero on by posing as the legendary musician and human rights advocate. 


Ellen Ochoa 3

Ellen Ochoa

Image via Eunique Jones Gibson

Being the first to fly into space is pretty impressive! This little girl fills Ochoa's shoes pretty well. 

Anthony Muñoz 4

Anthony Muñoz

Image via Eunique Jones Gibson

Touchdown! This little one posed as the top football player and hall of famer. 


Celia Cruz 5

Celia Cruz

Eunique Jones Gibson

¡Azúcar! This young girl paid tribute to the one and only Queen of Salsa.