Netis Negron weddingNetis Negron from Phoenix, Arizona is a stunning 36-year-old single mother of three boys. In 2007, when she was only 29 years old, she was diagnosed with cancer. And now she has been told that the the cancer has spread to her bones. Negron's future is uncertain, but one thing that is certain is that her friends and family love her dearly.

When her friend, photographer Laura Gordillo, found out about the diagnosis, she did something amazing. She decided to throw Negron the wedding she had always dreamed of. With much love and the generous donations of many, Gordillo organized and photographed one of the most beautiful weddings you will ever see. Never mind that there was no groom, Negron's sons stood in as grooms and that's part of what makes this particular wedding so unbelievably special.

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The beautiful bride says, "I'm just so grateful for me and my boys. These pictures came out amazing because she truly captured the feeling. And 20 years from now, whether I'm here or not, my kids and my family are going to be able to see how much love was there."

Click through to see the beautiful images from this amazing wedding and use them as a reminder that nothing is guaranteed to any of us, so we should all live and celebrate each day to the fullest.

Image via Laura Gordillo Photography


The bride 1

The bride

Image via lgordillophotos/Facebook

Tell me Negron isn't a stunning bride. She looks absolutely gorgeous!


Her boys 2

Her boys

Image via lgordillophotos/Facebook

No matter what happens to their mother, no one can ever take this amazing day or the memories created away from these boys.


The family 3

The family

Image via lgordillophoto/Facebook

All I can say is qué bonita familia!

Beautiful dresses 4

Beautiful dresses

Image via lgordillophoto/Facebook

Negron got to wear two beautiful gowns for her photos and Gordillo says, "Not only was she able to choose two different dresses for the photo shoot, but the donor even arranged for her to keep one of the gowns for herself. It was a very emotional moment. She started to cry and then everyone cried their eyes out including myself."


The cake 5

The cake

Image via lgordillophot/Facebook

The gorgeous LOVE-HOPE-FAITH cake came from Always with Cake!


The details 6

The details

Image via lgordillophoto/Facebook

Look at all the beautiful attention to detail this wedding had. And those SHOES!!!


Shout out 7

Shout out

Image via lgordillophoto/Facebook

The stunning bride gave a shout out to breast cancer awareness.