6 Cool ways for your family to show its Latino pride

Latino PrideMy kiddies are still really little 3 and 6-years-old and especially because we are a multicultural family, it has become incredibly important for me to instill a pride in them for their Latino roots. Fortunately, my hubby who is not Latino but clearly a lover of Latinos, is on board and as I see my daughters' cultural pride grow, I gotta say it makes my heart swell because I'll say it LOUD, I'm brown and I'm proud!


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Here are six cool ways my  family shows its Latino pride:

1. With food. Whenever we are invited to a school function or a party that is a potluck we bring a dish of Mexican origin. My family is Mexican and I learned so much about my culture through the food I grew up eating. Pan dulce, flan, carne asada, tacos, jamaica, mole, you name it and for me they are so much more than just food, they are a cultural touchstone, they are a way of passing down history and tradition one bite at a time.

2. With music. At night my daughters fall asleep with a CD of Latin music gently playing in the background. They drift into their dreams with the sounds of my childhood and they love it.

3. With family. Is there any better way to celebrate Latin pride than in the company of your family? We don't live close to my extended family, but I talk to my kids about them whenever I can and show them pictures and when we are lucky enough to be in the company of family, my kids feel a part of something bigger than them.

4. With holidays. Holidays are a great way to show Latino pride. Flag Day, Día de los Muertos, Nochebuena and Hispanic Heritage Month to name a few, provide great opportunities to celebrate and discuss our Latin background. And party too!

5. With language. I grew up speaking Spanish and I am committed to having my kids be bilingual. No, I don't think you have to speak Spanish to be Latino or be proud of your Latino roots, but to me it's important because I have family members who don't speak Spanish and I want my children to be able to communicate with them.

6. With the arts. Latin culture is full of art to be celebrated and embraced. Exposing my children to Latino dance, painting, literature and so much more will guarantee that they will always be proud of being Latino, that they will always know they are culturally the descendants of great and talented people!

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