reasons why it rocks to be MexicanIn reality, I can not list all the reasons that I love being Mexican. It's impossible. I love my culture, I love my people, I love my family. Who I am, who I've grown up to be was very much influenced by my Mexican family. My family has given me so much and instilled such a love and pride for our heritage that I can't be me without them, I don't want to be me without them. I come from a long line of proud Mexicans and it is a beautiful thing. It's a joy to be a part of so many beautiful traditions that have been passed on to me and I do my very best to celebrate my culture and share it with others.


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So even though I can't possible tell you all the reasons, I can at the very least give you 11 reasons why I love being Mexican:

1. Because Mexican food undeniably ROCKS.

2. Because nobody CAN like a Mexi-can! See what a positive people we are? It's built into the name.

3. Because you can try to stereotype my people, but we will always blow your mind. What's that you say? I don't look like a Mexican? But yes I do because this is exactly what this Mexican looks like.

4. Because Mexican Coke is made with real sugar and an ice cold one on a hot day ... olvídate!

5. Because even when people try to malign us, they can't. It's like that joke that Mexicans are lazy, but then at the same time they get blamed for taking all the jobs in the U.S. If we're so dang lazy, how come we work so much? People try to say we're lazy, but then the truth comes out.

6. Because Christmas has always been a two day celebration, it starts on the 24th of December and keeps going through the 25th with a never ending supply of tamales.

7. Because how can I NOT be proud of mariachi music, Cantinflas, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Maria Felix, Mexican candy, pan dulce, mi gente, tequila and so much more.

8. Because growing up in a Mexican family meant singing, laughing, eating and loving each other like CRAZY.

9. Because Lucha Libre is the best wrestling in the WORLD!

10. Because Mexico being right up against the U.S. makes the U.S. a better country even if some people can't see that.

11. Because now that I'm the mother of two multicultural daughters, it is my privilege to share the beauty of their Mexican culture with them.

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