Little boy run over by SUV & it's all caught on tape

Even those who don't believe in miracles will let out a "Hallelujah!" when they read this: a 6-year-old boy in China not only survived being run over by an SUV but emerged completely unscathed, with only a bit of dust on his pants and a slightly sore back. The boy was playing on a road by the side of a driveway in Shadong Province when a red SUV approached and drove right over the boy's crouched body. The moment is captured in a 30-second surveillance video obtained by the BBC. Luckily, the child fit perfectly in between the car's tires and under the vehicle's relatively high chassis--hence why he sustained no injuries.


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In the surveillance video, the child is seen completely absorbed in his playtime activities, totally unaware of the approaching vehicle. In fact, he was crouching down, his knees bent and his back to the red SUV. When the SUV, which was luckily going at a low speed, approached, the child's figure is no longer visible but, two seconds later, we see him emerge from under the vehicle, merely a few feet from his initial location. After the incident, he stood up, wiped some dust off his clothing, placed a hand on his back (which was presumably sore) and crossed the street, entering a nearby building.

The driver of the SUV never stopped the vehicle but, instead, kept right on driving, and it's unclear whether this was a hit-and-run scenario or whether the driver was unaware of what transpired.

The boy's grandfather reportedly cried when he saw the BBC video. I can only imagine the shock and fear gripping his being when he watched the footage, or the enormous sense of relief and gratitude that must have washed over him at the end of the clip, when the child is seen unharmed.

Whether you believe it was a miracle, a lucky break, or an example of a guardian angel watching over his charge, the events that transpired are nothing short of astounding.

Image via YouTube

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