Bride didn't let cancer keep her from walking down the aisle

If you still don't believe love conquers all, you will after you hear this heartwarming story. Nine months into planning her wedding, Shannon was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy almost immediately. But she didn't let that get in the way of her marrying her handsome Marine, Jeffrey. This beautiful bride stayed strong and was determined to still have her wedding even if it meant walking down the aisle without hair!


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"We had been planning our fairytale wedding for nine months when Jeff and I got the heartbreaking news that I had been diagnosed with cancer. With just under four months until our wedding, I couldn't imagine going through chemotherapy and also planning out our wedding," she wrote. "My oncologist had told me I would have to postpone our wedding until I was healthy, however I knew that was not a possibility. I needed to have something amazing to look forward to, and that is just what we did."

The chemo left Shannon without a hair on her head, but she was still a stunning bride. She actually had her mom's veil transformed into this pretty, lace head wrap that made her look just like a princess. "I was lucky enough to marry my Marine in his Dress Blue Alpha's and he has been by my side supporting me through this battle in beating cancer," she wrote. "He is an amazing husband, and I had my dream wedding come true."

After scrolling through all the photos, I can honestly tell you this was probably one of the most romantic weddings I have ever seen. Not only did everything look beautiful, but the love and the strength between these two people is enough to make anyone start shedding tears. Yes, her dress was gorgeous, her makeup flawless, but what really stood out was how ecstatic this couple looked on their wedding day. I've never seen a happier bride!

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