WATCH: Misty Copeland is the baddest ballerina in America!

And by bad, I mean so, so good! Ever wondered if ballerinas are really athletes? Well, Misty Copeland answers that question pretty definitively in this amazing Under Armour ad that's gone viral. First of all, her body is SICK, and I mean in the most inspirational way possible. It's hard to imagine that the very thing that has propelled her to national fame almost kept her from ever becoming a ballerina.

You see, Misty didn't even start dancing until she was 13 years old, while most ballerinas begin classical training when they are super young (I'm talking like 4 and 5). So how did she conquer all the doubters?


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She never gave up. She refused to listen to or accept the rejection and eventually she willed herself to greatness. It is that amazing persistence that lead her to the become one of the youngest and the FIRST first African-American female soloist in the American Ballet Theatre. How about that haters?

They told her her bust was too big, her achilles wasn't right and her legs and calves were too muscular. Little did they know that all those things would shoot Misty right into the spotlight. Her body is able to do things other, more lithe ballerinas could never dream of!So make sure to show this to all your little girls, and even your little guys, and let them know that they can accomplish ANYTHING they put their minds too. Hat tip to you Misty Copeland, and I look forward to seeing you get it done in the national spotlight.

Check out the ad below:

Image & video via Under Armour

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