Mom shamed for stretch marks posts letter on Facebook, goes viral

Just because you developed a few stretch marks after having kids, doesn't mean you can't rock a bikini to the beach. And it most definitely doesn't give anyone the right to criticize you for it either. One 33-year-old mom who was shamed for her stretch marks actually posted a photo of her bikini body along with a response on Facebook to all the nasty remarks she received after a not-so-relaxing day at the beach. Wait until you read it!


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Tanis Jex-Blake wasn't bothering a soul during her time at Alberta Beach in Edmonton, Canada on Tuesday. All she wanted to do was sunbathe while her kids played. She was rudely interrupted by a group of fools, consisting of two men AND a woman, who decided that pointing fingers and commenting on her body was a mature thing to do. Who does that?

"All of a sudden I heard, 'Oh my god, look at that, that's f****ng nasty, that's disgusting, look how gross that is," she told GlobalNews. Ugh! What a bunch of A-holes!

Jex-Blake tried her best to appear as if the comments didn't affect her. But the second she got in her car to drive home, the tears came pouring down. This is why she decided to share her story and photo (pictured below) on Facebook. Here's what she wrote:

Tanis Jex-Blake stretch marksWell said! Radio station HOT 107 Edmonton shared Jex-Blake's photo and story and so far it has garnered 982,833 likes, 195,657 shares and countless number of comments. It even inspired other women to share pictures of their own pregnancy scars and stretch marks.

I am in complete of awe of this woman who wasn't just brave enough to proudly show off her post-pregnancy shape, but also to address the pressure society tends to put on the female body. We live in a world that teaches us that if you don't have a thin, fit and flawless physique you're not beautiful and that's the farthest from the truth. True beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and that's what folks like those morons who picked on Jex-Blake, need to get through their thick heads!

Images via Tanis Jex-Blake/Facebook

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