I am obsessed with "extreme" weight loss success stories. I read them the minute they are published looking for inspiration and guidance. Although the reasons for being overweight vary from "I've struggled with weight all of my life" to "I put on the pounds after having kids", most of the protagonists of these stories have been inspired to lose the weight by a life-changing event such as a health scare, being dumped by a boyfriend, bullying or just feeling "disgusted" after seeing a picture of themselves.


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Whatever the reason, here I share five tips that consistently came up that have really helped me lose the weight and most importantly have inspired me to changed my lifestyle.

1. In it for the long haul. Forget diet trends and fads. Make incremental changes to your lifestyle and set realistic goals that you can achieve over a year and for the rest of your life.

2. Healthy eating alone won't do it. Exercise NEEDS to be part of the changes you make. Keep in mind that 80% is your diet and 20% is some form of exercise. It could be something as simple as walking 3 to 4 times per week.

3. What to eat. Drink water; portion control; stay away from junk food, sweets and processed foods as much as possible; and, introduce more salads and vegetables to your diet. These changes are mentioned by every one of those who lost extreme weight by changing the way that they think of and approach food.

4. Motivation and consistency are key to success. Everyone is motivated by different things--a person, being healthy, a dress, family reunion, trip--whatever it is, constant motivation is key. Seeing results can also be extremely motivating. Make sure you are consistent. Don't give up!

5. Support of family, friends. This is especially important to Latinas who are so focused on doing everything in familia!

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