Little boy invents something that could save your baby's life

Rubber band inventionYou guys, I am so proud of 11-year-old Andrew Pelham and I don't even know him, but I know this kid is smart and compassionate because of an invention he came up with in an effort to save babies' lives. His invention is called the E-Z Baby Saver. He's not trying to make any money off of it, all he's trying to do is save babies' lives.

He's created something that anyone can afford and make. In fact, it's so simple to make and use that he offers instructions on his website on how you can make your own.


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The invention came about because Pelham entered the Rubber Band Contest for Young Inventors, where it was required that contestants use rubber bands in their invention. Pelman was inspired to make something to help parents remember they had a child strapped in a car seat after learning that approximately 38 children die each year after being left in hot cars.

He says, "I'm hoping if I can save one life with my invention, I can say that my invention was successful." I love this kid, I really do. He's got some kind of a wonderful heart at such a young age.

The invention is basically a simple strand of rubber bands and duct tape that you attach to the back of the driver's seat and when you have a child strapped in the back, you attach the front part of the strand to the driver side's door. When the driver goes to get out of the car, they can't without first unhooking the E-Z Baby Saver and thus being reminded that they have a child in the back.

Check out Andrew Pelham and his awesome invention, the E-Z Baby Saver! Oh and by the way, his invention got second place in the contest and he won $500. Nice.

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