WATCH: Man beating his wife has to answer to his entire town

man beating wifeI'm pretty sure most people can agree that karma tastes sweeter when you're there to witness it happen to someone who has done you dirty. Take for instance this idiot husband who thought it was okay to beat up his wife in public. The alarming incident was caught ALL on camera in China--and it's going to make you LIVID.

If there's one thing I don't stand for it's domestic abuse and a man who thinks he has a right to beat his wife. I felt great though when I saw what happened to this jerk.


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The man is first seen in the video isolated arguing with his wife and then punching her in the face. A man comes to her defense but the husband pushes him away. He then savagely kicks the defenseless woman in the head as she coils over. Honestly, at this point I wanted to stop watching because it bothered me so much to see this woman treated this way.

Thankfully at that very moment you see a group of people running towards the man and ambushing him the very way he was hitting his wife. He was kicked, punched, and beaten by the crowd as he scurried off into a corner. It's unknown if police came to arrest him, but the beating he got was well deserved.

It makes me angry just thinking that this man has probably beaten his wife many times in the privacy of their own home and thought that it was okay to then do it in public. Who knows what they were arguing about, but it doesn't give him any right to lay a hand on her. The fool hit her at the wrong place and time and karma got him back in a worse way. I'm glad to see that there are good people out there who would come to the defense of a person being harmed by another. Maybe this will teach him a lesson, but I really hope that this wife leaves him for her safety's sake.  Watch the footage caught on camera below!

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