WATCH: Pole dancer proves that women are sexy at ANY size

Even if you aren't into pole dancing, even if you have no intention of ever being into pole dancing, I am going to urge you to watch a video of Emma Haslam pole dancing on Britain's Got Talent. This woman is AMAZE-balls. You might be thinking, Big deal there are a lot of great pole dancers out there, why the heck do I need to watch this one? Because this one defies all stereotypes.


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Emma Haslam is larger than most pole dancers. She is what some people would call plus size or curvy and others would call fat. Once you see her dance she is what anyone in their right mind would call sexy, fit and strong.

Let's not pretend that assumptions aren't made about people who are overweight, shall we? The truth is that people are judged because of their size ALL the time. I'm sure I don't even have to go into the kind of assumptions that are made about heavy people.

Haslam is obviously large, obviously fit and obviously comfortable in her body. I think women of any size can stand to learn something from her when it comes to body confidence.

So if you think you are too big to be sexy, watch this video and see how wrong you are. If you think you are too big to be fit, watch this video and see how wrong you are. If you think you have to be any particular size to be beautiful and confident, then watch this video and see how wrong you are.

Oh and amd a bit of an update on Haslam: She didn't make it past the semi-finals on Britain's Got Talent, but she is now a model for Yours Clothing. A spokesperson for the clothing line, which offers stylish clothes in sizes 14-32, said, "When we saw Emma we thought it was great to see her promoting such a positive body image."

Okay, now it's your turn to see Haslam in action.

Image via emmaspoledancing/Facebook

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