The 5 most talented kids in the world

Even the most talented of singers have trouble covering Frank Sinatra. It's pretty darn hard to do any of his songs justice after hearing the original from the legend himself for so long. That's why I was completely blown away when I saw this performance by 8-year-old Angelina Jordan.

The young girl appeared on a Norwegian night show in March and sang her own rendition of the Sinatra classic "Fly Me to the Moon" ... and to say she nailed it would be putting it mildly. The then 7-year-old sang it with such soul, I actually got goosebumps. She sings as if she's at it for decades.

Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself below, along with videos of four other amazingly talented kids. Just prepare to have your mind blown!


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1. Angelina Jordan shows off her Amy Winehouse-like vocals in this performance.

2. These amazingly talented kids dance salsa like no one's business.

3.The children's choir from the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences recently took on Pharrell's catchy song "Happy" and we loved it!

4. Meet Titus, the toddler who can throw some UNBELIEVABLE basketball shots, and manages to sink the shot. Every. Single. Time.

5. Jahmir Wallace can play the trumplet like a pro, even though he's only 10 years old and has no arms.

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