May is a month of complete renovation of emotional energy. The stars have tested your flexibility and love the whole beginning of the year. Therefore, now is a time for enjoying and acting. Do not forget that life is to celebrate and be happy.

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Here are the tips for each one of the Zodiac signs:

Aries 1


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This is a period when your ability to be patient in your relationships will be put to the test. You'll have to use the art of seduction and conquest. Eroticism is hotter than ever and you’ll be able to explore with your lover different erotic techniques without resistance and with enthusiasm. This month your friends will surprise you and they’ll be very present in your life. Because of that you will feel very happy.


Taurus 2


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May is the month of new beginnings for you. You'll start reorganizing all your relationships, especially everything that has to do with your family. Your partner is already alert to your changes and wants to help you participate in them. As for sex, communicate honestly and sincerely with your lover. Tell him what you need to be satisfied. This is a good time to be respected and valued by him. You need a special diet of pampering, hugs and tenderness to relax.


Gemini 3


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You should enjoy what you are experiencing at this time in your relationships, without projecting yourself too much into the future. That way you’ll avoid getting so anxious. This month you will be more sensitive than usual. Although you currently have personal concerns, you should not neglect the sexual aspect of your relationship. You won’t feel very passionate now, but your partner’s understanding and patience will wake you up to a special tenderness and sensuality.

Cancer 4


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This is a wonderful time for you in the field of love and romance. Your emotional energy and mental impulse will be at the top to organize a trip of passion or a second honeymoon with your partner. See all the possibilities you can develop when you are free from your inner demands and self-criticism. It is important that you rely more on friends and people around you. When you have a problem, do not let the ghosts of your mind advice you wrongly. Enjoy the opportunities.


Leo 5


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This month let your partner take the first step on all levels of love. Do not rush. Many men enjoy taking the lead in a sexual relationship, as in a hunt in the jungle. In this time period show yourself as a loving companion and leave the lioness aside, that way you are going to enchant even the toughest ones. Prepare a kind of private party to honor him with a romantic ambience in the best oriental master style.


Virgo 6


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This month, your sexual energy will be on high. You will feel a renewed passion for life, love and sex. You have a special wealth of sexual fantasies to make the encounters very exciting to your partner. The brain is the most erotic muscle: from there arise your witty charm and your extraordinary capacity for good humor at all times. In sex, it is important to let your intuition flow and your hands play like a piano the areas that make your lover feel satisfied.


Libra 7


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This month, you may have some disagreements with the people you love. To resolve this situation, it is important that you leave the past behind and focus on yourself so your partner and loved ones appreciate your thoughts and genuine feelings. For Librans without a stable relationship, you have to prepare to live a romance in the best Hollywood style, full of adventure, eroticism and sensuality. If you're ready for a serious relationship, don’t wait anymore and tell him how you feel. Do not be afraid of rejection.

Scorpio 8


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When a relationship is very conflictive, remember that you cannot blame anyone. The responsibility lies with both parties. Therefore, you both must either find a solution or take a more definitive decision. If the person to whom you relate does not understand you, don’t worry. Very soon the one you have dreamed about will appear. On the sexual plane, your passion is somewhat muffled by emotional conflicts. Finally, feeling good with yourself is what matters the most.


Sagittarius 9


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Sagittarian, this month you're going to find someone who has the same erotic energy you have. And you will be able to talk to him, to communicate in a very comfortable and open way. You'll feel your heart on fire. This time is perfect to show your emotions freely. Sexually, you’ll feel that intimacy is going to manifest deeply with shared emotions. Erotic intelligence is going to be more intense than ever.

Capricorn 10


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This month, you’ll have a tendency to lock inside yourself and you will feel that your partner does not understand you, and that the erotic chemistry between you is blocked. It is important to tell him directly what blocks or upsets you. Always speak in the first person, without blaming the other for your problems. For Capricorns without a partner, try to go out and open up to new friends. Someone special may appear and you will be able to have fun and escape work-related stress.


Aquarius 11


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This month is perfect for sentimental expansion. If you don’t have a partner or friend of interest, open your heart and get close to communicate with everyone. Try not to get stuck in the dark fog of your mind. Your ample ability to grasp what the other needs will free you from your concerns of feeling alone or misunderstood by others. Your sexuality will be more expressive than ever if you sense that the other is giving himself to you.

Pisces 12


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Pisces, if you really want to keep your relationship hot this month, you have to understand better the needs of the couple. The perfect food for love is sharing affection and attention. You have to learn to give everything but you also have the right to ask for it. On the erotic level, this month you will be more active and more passionate than usual. Do not forget to whisper to your partner all your sexual fantasies to awaken his passion for you to the maximum.