5 All-natural DIY lubes that will spice up your sex life!

I had the strangest conversation the other day with one of my girlfriends who happens to work at an OB-GYN clinic. She said that a few of the doctors at her job recommend olive oil to their patients who prefer (or need) lube during sex. Apparently a few patients had complained about the irritating effects of most gel-based, oil-based or even water-based lubes. They also couldn't handle the taste or the smell. Can you believe olive oil did the trick?


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Yes, olive oil is normally used for cooking, but apparently it can do wonders for your sex life (especially if you struggle with dryness) too. And it's not the only all-natural lube out there. I know women who swear by coconut oil and some doctors even recommend it. Could you imagine how yummy that must taste and smell like?

Let's face it, most lubricants out there suck. They're sticky, smelly, gloppy and way too many of them irritate. Why not use something that's guaranteed to get you slippery wet down there without the grossness and the discomfort? Just keep in mind, if you're going to use any type of food products down there, you want to be extra careful with hygiene afterwards to avoid any possible infections. I'd recommend taking some probiotics as well. Anyhow, check them out!

Olive oil: "A natural, organic cooking oil like olive oil or a nut oil is a suitable option for women who experience irritation with other lubricants or who are trying to get pregnant," Sue McGarvie, an Ottaw sex therapist shared with Best Health mag. "This is appealing to some people because they feel it is safe to put in their vagina since they also ingest it as food." Only problem is you can't use an oil-based lube with latex condoms. It will mess with the quality of the latex.

Coconut oil: Apparently a lot of women like to use coconut oil as a natural lube. This might seem a little intimidating, considering organic, refined coconut oil is solid at room temperature. But all you have to do is take some and rub it in between the palm of your hands until it melts into a liquid. Coconut oil is recommended for women with menopause or vulvovaginal sensitivities.

Aloe vera: I've been noticing that a lot of lubes these days consist of aloe vera. That's because it's a "natural soothing agent that doesn't change the vaginal walls," says Dr. Steicher, who shared with Prevention, that unlike most natural lubes this one can actually help soften your skin and won't mess with your vagina's natural pH balance. It even works well with condoms.

Flax seeds: Sheri Winston, an herbalist and midwife for over 20 years recommends making your own lube using flax seeds. You basically boil them in water and then strain the goo from the seeds. The goo apparently is a safe ingredient for your vagina.

Almond oil: I came across a lot of women forums where they recommended almond oil as a natural lube. Many say it smells great and it makes for very painless and comfortable sex. I'd be careful with this one, though, because a lot of the women complained it takes forever to wash off.

Please consult with your gynecologist before trying out any of these natural lubes.

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