Maybe I'm wrong, but I feel that we Latinos love our moms in the most special way. I never see Spanish language shows where the mothers are disrespected or ridiculed as in the English ones, where the moms are either somebody to run away from or to laugh at. Think about it, only the bad guys in telenovelas make their moms cry, and we hate them for it.

Maybe that's why our celebrities take special pride to share their most special ladies with us, mostly through their social media accounts. I find that adorable, particularly when the guys do it and if it's near Mother's Day, all the better. Let me show you what I mean.

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William Levy, Eva Longoria, Jacqueline Bracamontes, Alejandro Fernández ...There is a long list of Latinos "A" listers who seem to really enjoy spending time with their mamás and don't hesitate to share their love and pride with us.

Here are some of the cutest pics

Image vía Eva Longoria/Twitter

Salma Hayek 1

Salma Hayek

Image vía Getty Images

She often credits her mom Diana Jiménez with helping her to raise her daughter Valentina. A true abuela Latina.


William Levy 2

William Levy

Image vía  William Levy/Twitter

Bárbara raised her kids alone in Cuba and her in Miami, but look at them. Gorgeous!


Chiquinquirá Delgado 3

Chiquinquirá Delgado

Imagen vía Univision

"My mom is my life," the Venezuelan star has said of her mother who helped her raise her eldest daughter María Elena Dávila.

Demi Lovato 4

Demi Lovato

Image vía Demi Lovato/Twitter

The ex Disney star has credited her family, in particular her mom Dianne, for her success leaving drugs behind.


Lucero 5


Image vía Lucero/Facebook

Lucero has said more than once that she could not live without her mom, who was a stage mother way before it became a "thing."


Jencarlos Canela 6

Jencarlos Canela

Image vía Jencarlos Canela/Instagram

This Cuban American actor and singer says he talks to his mom daily and sees her as much as he can. Last month, he took her on a trip to California , where this photo was taken, to celebrate her birthday. What an amazing son!


The three Jacquelines 7

The three Jacquelines

Image vía Jacqueline Bracamontes/Instagram

The three beauties in the image share the same name: Jacqueline. By Mother's day next year there should be a fourth lady in the pic--the Mexican star is expecting her second daughter.

Rico Rodríguez 8

Rico Rodríguez

Image Getty Images

Sofía Vergara's son in Modern Family says that he owes his success to his mom Diane. She is his date to every event.


Marjorie de Sousa 9

Marjorie de Sousa

Image vía Univision

This Venezuelan beauty queen and telenovela star is so close to her mother, that she cried when the producers got her on stage during Marjorie's stint on Mira Quién Baila, the Spanish language TV version of Dancing With The Stars.

Alejandro Fernández 10

Alejandro Fernández

Imagevía Alejandro Fernández/Instagram

"My life is blessed by God, he gave me the gift of being born from the best mother in the world," wrote Mexican super star Alejandro Fernández on his Instagram account with this picture.


Eva Longoria 11

Eva Longoria

Image vía Eva Longoria/Twitter

They are inseparable!

The Angélicas 12

The Angélicas

Image via Angélica Vale/Twitter

The older one is Angélica María, Mexico's original sweetheart. Her daughter is Angélica Vale and the baby is Angélica Massiel. The older Angélica moved to L.A. last year to be close to her girls and they could have not been happier.