Toddler dead for 30 minutes miraculously comes back to life!

masonA California toddler is miraculously alive after dying for 30 whole minutes! The boy, 2-year-old, Mason Johnson was having breakfast at home when he wandered away from his parents.

That's when every mother's worst nightmare occured. His father, Dwight spotted him face down in their pool; completely lifeless. Paramedics declared him dead on the scene, but it seems that it simply wasn't Mason's time to go.


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What makes this story more disturbing is the fact that little Mason was dead for ALMOST a HALF HOUR before he was revived. Paramedics reportedly arrived quickly to the scene trying to rescue the boy, but to no avail.

They could have declared him dead and left it at that, but one of the medics, Mike Binion continued working on him. Much to everyone's shock, Mason came back to life after more than 20 minutes of CPR. He was then rushed him to UC Davis Medical Center where he was placed in ICU for a month-- half of it on life support--and is now finally back home.

"I don't even know how to describe it. He was so cold, limp and pale. He was deader than dead," Binion said still in shock over the incident. Mason's mom Crystal says seeing your son's lifeless body is one the scariest things a mother can go through. "I will never forget them doing chest compressions on my son for 22 minutes. It was so scary," she explained.

Doctors told Mason's parents that the boy might suffer from severe brain damage after the drowning, but he is in a better state than they expected. However, he still needs to undergo speech, physical, and feeding therapy to help him recover. Crystal said, "I was the parent that said that would never happen to me, and it happened so fast. You can never be too safe."

It's unbelievable that this boy was able to survive such a deadly incident! I mean, he was dead for nearly a half hour before he was brought back to life. That type of thing rarely happens in real life. As a matter of fact, he should be dead right now, but I think he had a guardian angel watching over him. I pray that Mason has a speedy recovery and that he sets out to do amazing things later in his life. He truly is the definition of a miracle!

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