happyWho doesn't want to be happy or happier? It seems to be a universal quest, this quest to be happy, to raise happy children. For me happiness comes and goes. Life presents me with many things to be happy about, I focus on them and my happiness multiplies. Then things get messy, I trip over obstacles thrown my way, without noticing I somehow start focusing on all the nasty little annoyances that are conspiring to make me miserable and I want to smack anyone who tells me to look on the bright side and be grateful for all that I have because things could be so much worse. I mean I know they are right, but SHUT UP!

And then a ray of sunshine finds its way into the darkness of my mood and I remember that oh yeah, there is a bright side. Time to focus on the things that make me happy because happiness begets more happiness. Happiness is a muscle, it needs to be exercised or it will atrophy.


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Here are five simple things you can do every day that will make you happier.

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