SEE: Extremely anorexic woman weighed only 79 lbs, saved by surprising miracle

Sometimes the people you'd least expect are the ones who care about you the most. Lauryn Lax was pretty close to losing her life before a group of nine strangers from her local gym finally decided to stage an intervention for her eating disorder. The girl is 5-foot-4-inches and was only weighing around 79 pounds at the time. If it wasn't for these people she'd probably be dead. You have to see her at her skinniest and how she looks now!


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Lax had struggled with anorexia for years and was making frequent trips to her local YMCA in Nashville, Tennessee daily. She had no idea that two other members, Frank Grant and his wife Louise were having frequent conversations regarding her weight. One day Mrs. Grant finally decided to approach Lax in the gym but Lax wasn't hearing it. She brushed off Mrs. Grant's concerns insisting that she was OK even though she wasn't.

"It was just a struggle to even work out 30 minutes less or to make myself eat a teaspoon of almond butter more," Lax told the U.K.'s DailyMail. The following day the Grants, along with a few other gym members, decided to do their homework. One of the member's found out Lax's first name from the front desk, another member made sure to friend her on Facebook, and another tracked down her dad on Facebook mentioning their concerns.

One morning right before Lax was able to work out, all nine of them approached her including the Grants, Susie Bateman, L'Taya Bell, Judith Hill, Andy Clough, Bob Johnson, Fields Stringfellow and Johnny Phipps. They somehow managed to finally get her to a hospital. She wound up spending three days in an intensive care unit and then three and a half weeks in a cardiac unit because her heart was beating slowly. She spent close to a year in treatment and eventually reached a healthy weight with the support of her fellow gym members.

It's been three years since and Lax no longer obsesses over her weight, looks amazing and has stayed in touch with her gym buddies. "I consider them some of my greatest friends," she said. She even wants to find a job where she can help other youth with eating disorders after graduation. Such an amazing story!

Image via Lauren Lax

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