Thanks to YouTube, I've seen plenty of amazingly creative proposals captured on tape, but the latest one to go viral is definitely one of the sweetest and most original ones I've seen yet! Why? An Ohio fireman popped the question to his girlfriend during a fire drill at the school where she works as a counselor! Aww! 

Apparently, 27-year-old Megan Zahorec is still relatively new at her job at Greentown Intermediate School and was nervous about leading the quarterly fire drill that morning. So her boyfriend, firefighter Justin Deierling, decided to make it extra special for her! The whole thing--including Zahore's reaction--is sure to melt your heart.

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As can be seen in the clip, Zahorec is so distracted with the task at hand, she barely even notices when the fire truck pulls up and Deierling jumps out. It's not until some of the students start screaming at her to look up that she sees the banner, hanging from the back of the truck, reading "Ms. Z, will you marry me?" So sweet, right?!

The look on her face is totally priceless--a mix of surprise, shock, and joy--as Deierling then kneels down and pulls out the ring. Amid a bunch of students and teachers watching and cheering, Zahorec happily accepts the proposal. Such a cute moment...and lucky for us, it's all caught on tape!

Watch it below:

But Deierling isn't the only to pull off an amazingly unique proposal! Below, check out more of the best wedding proposals of all time:

Image via YouTube

Online proposal meme 1

Online proposal meme

Image via BuzzFeed

Len Kendall created a meme on Buzzfeed’s website that said, “Katie I love you so much, I can haz your hand in marriage?” He even had a blog titled "Help Me Convince Katie to Say Yes!" and the Twitter hashtag #SayYesKatie. Much to his luck Katie said yes!


Lego proposal 2

Lego proposal

Image via YouTube

As one of my personal favorites, Anthony Pinder proposed to his girlfriend Ariana Gomez through a LEGO stop-motion film. Much to Ariana’s surprise, Anthony had been working on this project for awhile and she definitely said yes to him!


Graduation proposal 3

Graduation proposal

Image via YouTube

Your college graduation is a big milestone as is but American University student Sarah Cooper got more than her diploma that day. Her boyfriend Sam Miller presented her with an engagement ring as she finished crossing the stage! And of course her answer was yes, but how nerve wracking!

Live-dub proposal 4

Live-dub proposal

Image via Vimeo

Music can express what we’re feeling even when we can’t put emotions into words. Isaac Lamb got his friends and family to help him perform the song "I want to marry you" by Bruno Mars for his girlfriend Amy. Amy watched from afar until the very end when Isaac surprised her with his proposal!


Biker proposal 5

Biker proposal

Image via YouTube

Biker Hector Martinez managed to shut down a California highway with an elaborate proposal for his girlfriend, Paige Hernandez. Paige thought they were going for a normal ride with his friends when Hector stopped by an overpass as his bike released pink smoke and proposed to her. Much to her surprise, her family was present and they had recorded the whole thing!


YouTube proposal 6

YouTube proposal

Image via YouTube

YouTube singing duo Jorge and Alexa Narvaez helped a Texas man named Joseph propose to his girlfriend by singing to them live during the major event. Apparently she was a big fan of the singers and the surprise could not have been better! Of course she said yes!


Home Depot flash mob proposal 7

Home Depot flash mob proposal

Image via YouTube

As can be seen in the clip, a guy named Dustin was taken to Home Depot under the guise that he was helping his roommate pick out lighting for a party. Once he got there however, he realized his boyfriend, Spencer, had arranged for dozens of friends and family members to perform a choreographed dance to the song "Somebody Loves You" after which Spencer himself appeared and proposed!

Rap battle proposal 8

Rap battle proposal

Image via YouTube

Adam Felman (known as Mos Prob) popped the question to his girlfriend, Jacqueline Harper (aka Rapunsel) during an epic rap battle! Wow...well, you can bet that no one will have the same proposal story as hers!