Break out the tissues, 'cause this story might make you tear up in the best way possible. One incredibly devoted dad in China is making headlines for literally carrying his disabled 12-year-old son on his back the entire 10 miles to school every single day. Wow…most parents would say they're willing to do whatever it takes for their child to get a good education, but this is taking it to a whole new level!


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Apparently, 40-year-old Yu Xukang has been raising his son on his own since the child was 3 years old. It hasn't been easy--the young boy suffers from a physical disability that left him with twisted arms and legs and a hunched back. Because of that, all of the schools closer to the family's home refused to allow the boy to attend. Still, Xukang refused to give up.

The dad's only option was to place him in a school five miles away from their home. So every day, the dad wakes up at 5 in the morning, makes lunch for his son, and then carries the child in a basket on his back all the way there. Then, he walks back to go to his job in his hometown and then back again to pick up his son, whom he carries home. That means Xukang ends up walking about 20 miles total every single day, all in pursuit of the dream that his son will get to attend college one day. Wow!

I honestly can't imagine that. Most people are tired by the end of the day, even while driving their kids and themselves to and from wherever they need to be. Xukang walks over a dozen miles and still has to come home and do all the things all parents have to do--like make dinner and get their kids to sleep--before going to bed and doing it all over again the next day. It's just amazing.

Thankfully, the dad will be getting a break now that his story has been made public. According to the U.K.' sDailyMail, the government has offered to rent him a room closer to the school.

Clearly, Xukang is a wonderful father and man. I'm so glad to hear that he's getting help now as he deserves all that and more. His story is truly a wake-up call to all of us and a much-needed reminder to be grateful for all the conveniences we so often take for granted. I know I'll think of these two next time I'm cursing the subway for being delayed!   

One thing's for sure: his son is lucky to have such incredible love and support on his side. With his dad's help, I have no doubt he'll go on to receive all the education he wants and go on to do great things.

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