WATCH Sofia Vergara & Becky G prove that girls CAN do anything

While some companies seem to be putting more effort into making their commercials clever and funny these days, many of them are still just as cheesy and annoying as ever--especially those targeted to women. Seriously, if I have to see one more tampon commercial involving a girl twirling in the grass or something, I might scream.

That's why I couldn't help but love the latest CoverGirl ad campaign, entitled "Girls Can." The feel-good commercial, which features a ton of the brand's famous spokeswomen, encourages girls to break barriers and pursue new challenges. Check it out below (you might even spot a couple of your favorite Latinas)!


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The clip starts off with CoverGirl Ellen DeGeneres solemnly proclaiming, "Girls can't" and continues with more famous faces joining the same chant (Sofia Vergara says her part in Spanish!). But pretty soon, the chorus gives way to a more positive message, "Girls Can," with the celebrities explaining the obstacles they went through. "I was told I couldn't own a business," Queen Latifah says. "I own a business."

The commercial ends with the rest of these successful women, like Katy Perry, P!nk, Becky G, among other famous faces, encouraging girls to "be strong," "rap," "be funny," and basically just chase their dream. What's a better message than that?!

What I like the most about this ad--other than the girl power lesson!--is that it doesn't feel like it's coming from a makeup company. Sure, all of the women look fantastic, but it's not the usual in-your-face, "buy this mascara and you'll rule the world" stuff we see on a daily basis. Plus, while most of the featured females are celebrities (and an Olympian!), it's a really diverse bunch, ranging widely in both background and age. How can you not love that?

And this video is just the beginning! CoverGirl is reportedly teaming up with another of our favorite Latinas, Soledad O'Brien, for a new web series all about telling empowering, inspirations stories of real young women. Now, that's some thing I can't wait to see.

Watch the whole commercial below:

Image via CoverGirl

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