Latina mom is letting her little boy be a little girl cause why not

gender indentity disorderThis is the extraordinary tale of a little girl who was born a boy and the extraordinary mother who believed that child when the child said that God made a mistake. I saw this story on Primer Impacto and let me say it has made a huge impact on me. To protect the identity of both mother and child, they have been identified simply as Norma, the mother, and Dulce, the child. From a very young age Dulce, who at the time had a boy's name, identified as a girl. Even as a 2-year-old toddler she would wrap towels around her head to simulate long hair. When she was old enough to speak, Dulce would tell her mother that she was a girl. Norma, of course, would correct her son and explain that he was a boy, but that wasn't the end of it, not by a long shot.


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Norma listened to her child time and time again and saw how strongly her child identified with being a girl regardless of being born a boy. This concerned and loving mother sought the help of professionals and found out that her child had gender identity disorder. Gender identitiy disorder is not something you can be talked out of, it is a conflict between a person's physical gender and the gender a person identifies with, it is NOT about sexuality. Sexuality comes during puberity, but gender identity comes at a much younger age.

So what did Norma do? She made what must have been an incredibly difficult decision and stopped fighting her child. She changed her child's name to a feminine name and let Dulce start dressing as a girl. In first grade, Norma put Dulce in a brand new school where she was able to start from day one as a girl.

I am so unbelievably impressed by this mother, her open-mindedness, and her obvious love and devotion to her child. Norma is raising two children on her own now, Dulce and Dulce's brother, because the children's father left the family. He could not cope with Dulce's gender issues. He refused to talk to specialists or learn about gender disorder and even threatened the child's life as if that would fix the situation. So sad.

Norma is a warrior mom as far as I'm concerned. I love her! Not for nothing, this family is Latino and that makes this particular issue even more difficult because of cultural taboos. Olvídate, Norma may be a woman, but she has proven that she has major cojones. It takes a warrior with courage born of love to stand up to her husband, culture, and the world at large to support a child who knows she's a girl even when the world keeps trying to instist she's a boy.

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