WATCH: A little boy without a coat brings out the best in humanity

If you spotted a little boy in need of help while walking down the street, how would you react? I think most of us would like to think that we'd be among the first to offer aid, but there's really no way to know until you are actually put in the scenario. The Norwegian branch of the SOS Children's Villages International charity decided to test just that by filming what happens when strangers see a little boy without a coat, shivering on a bus bench outside. 

The resulting video is so amazing, it's pretty much guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes!


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As can be seen in the video, several bystanders around the bus stop approach the boy after spotting him shivering and sniffling, to ask him why he's alone and if he has a coat. The boy explains that his jacket was stolen while on a field trip with his class and that his teacher told him to meet her there.

At first, strangers offer him alternative options, asking him if he has the teacher's number to call her. But soon, they simply begin offering him various pieces of warm clothing, from gloves to a scarf to a sweatshirt and even an entire coat! My favorite part comes towards the end, when the young boy sits draped in a puffy winter coat while the owner of the jacket sits next to him in a T-shirt! So sweet!

The experiment is reportedly part of a campaign to provide warm clothing for displaced children in Syria, according to The Nordic Page.

I just love this video! Seeing people's selfless reactions just melts my heart and reminds us that a little kindness really can go a long way. Watch it below:

Image via YouTube

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